Create Hotmail signature

Hotmail signatures make you professional in sending emails. Hotmail signatures come in two forms: text or image, which introduces basic information about you.


Step 1: Sign in Hotmail.

At the interface, select the aliasing icon -> Select Option.

Step 2: Select Mail -> Select Email Singnature (create email signature).

Step 3: At the Hotmail signature creation interface, you have the tools to create your own signature.

  • Include typeface, color, alignment margin …
  • Insert image into Hotmail signature.
  • Choose the Hotmail signatures automatically.

After creating the Hotmail signature -> Select Save to save the signature.

Step 4: Now you go back to the Hotmail interface and send an email -> Hotmail signature has appeared.

Here are some tips for creating Hotmail signatures to help your email become more professional. If you do not have a Hotmail account, you can quickly register Hotmail to create a Hotmail account not only can use the email service but also can download many applications for Windows 10 today.

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